Mars Online Ltd
Customer Care : +234 803 5597 595, +234 805 3492 392.
Before you can stake with Mars Online, you have to be a registered member.
Guidelines on staking:
1. Log on to
2. On the homepage fill in your username and password into the LOGIN window provided and then click the LOGIN button.
3. On the top right side of the web page click on STAKE, and the available coupon page will come up. There are 5 coupons currently available :- (a) TC General Draws (b) TC Score Draws  (c) TC 6 Away  (d) TC 8 Home  (e) 4 different fixed odd coupons
4. Click on the TYPE OF COUPON you want to stake and it will be displayed. If the coupon is not displayed click on the REFRESH BUTTON.
5. On the top left corner of the fixtures displayed, just below GAME, you will find the word UNDER. Below it you will find a box or boxes with a number by the side of a box. The number of boxes depends on the coupon type you clicked. The box you click should be determined by the minimum number of selections that will give you a winning from your

overall selections. If you are selecting 5 numbers and expect 3 of them to have a winning, that is perm 3 from 5, you should click on the box by the number 3. Assuming you want to stake a coupon perming 3,4,5 from 6, then you must tick the boxes for 3,4 and 5. Take the HOME coupon for example, you can only predict a minimum of 8 selection, so you should tick the only box available, the same goes for the AWAY coupon which is an under 6 coupon.


For example: if you want to nap 4 numbers say 10, 25, 30, 40. You will click the box by the side of 4 below UNDER. You will then click boxes 10, 25, 30 and 40 on the grid beside the fixture grid. 

If you want to make a perm 3 from 5 with numbers say 2, 12, 42, 45 and 49. You will click the box by the side of 3 below UNDER. You will then click boxes 2, 12, 42, 45 and 49 on the grid beside the fixture grid.

6. At the bottom of the coupon page, there is an AMOUNT STAKED space provided for you to enter the amount you want to bet.
7. Cross-check your bets if there is a mistake or not. A coupon once accepted cannot be cancelled again.
8. Click the word Stake. Shortly you will be informed if your bet was successfully sent or not.

Please if there is any problem don`t hesitate to call any of our hotlines.
Address: Plot 66 Enugu Street, Off Lagos Street, Garki II, ABUJA, NIGERIA.